International Patent Strategies for Biopharmaceutical SMEs in Canada

Torys is pleased to announce the release of Industry Canada’s International Patent Strategies for Biopharmaceutical SMEs in Canada report.

This report was commissioned by Industry Canada and written by Torys’ lawyers Eileen McMahon and Cheryl Reicin – it examines the current state of international patent strategies for biopharmaceutical small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The report includes some of the “best practice” international patent strategies that Canadian biopharmaceutical SMEs can use to position themselves favourably to attract venture capital investment and pharmaceutical partners.

The report also includes i) patent checklists that are typically used by investors and Big Pharma to evaluate the patent programs of SMEs; and ii) strategic considerations for developing a biopharmaceutical SME’s patent program and budgets.

The authors were selected to prepare the report on the basis of their significant Canadian, U.S. and international expertise in the subject matter.

Read the full report, published in English and French, at the Industry Canada website.

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