Board Oversight of Harassment – Halifax

Halifax, Nova Scotia

March 04, 2019

Board Oversight of Harassment will provide directors with detailed information and practical knowledge on how to help prevent and respond effectively when harassment and related workplace misconduct claims take place within an organization.

This one-day course will help participants examine important concepts such as the roles and obligations of the Board, the importance of character and leadership, the function of Director and Officer Liability Insurance and practical knowledge surrounding the internal investigation process.

Participants will engage in topical discussions, discuss best practices and examine real-world examples to help guide Directors in a variety of scenarios. Those attending will aquire practical knowledge and gain an understanding of:

  • How harassment has changed within contemporary society and what this means for Boards of Directors
  • Legal responsibilities of the Board and their role in preventing harassment
  • How to develop and apply a robust anti-harassment policy and to ensure an effective complaints process
  • Developing and sustaining a culture of integrity, leadership and accountability
  • Ways for Boards to assess and monitor workplace culture
  • How Directors and Officers Liability Insurance can protect the Board when incidents of harassment and misconduct occur
  • When an internal investigation is required, and the process and steps involved

Course information and registration details can be found here.

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