Valuable Strategies for Mediating Multi-Party Disputes

Toronto, Ontario

October 30, 2018

Dealing with multiple parties around the mediation table can create unique challenges and hurdles for both mediators and counsel. With the commonality of multi-party disputes, particularly in the areas of commercial and estates litigation, restructuring, construction, insurance and personal injury law, it is essential to consider and implement the mediation strategies that are most effective for resolving these difficult cases.

Take your expertise to the next level with this unique program as you gather essential guidance on how to excel at mediation of multi-party disputes. Our expert faculty will provide the insights you need to navigate this unique mediation setting with confidence.

Counsel Perspectives: How to Best Represent Your Clients

  • Essential preparation advice
  • Creating your strategy: how to approach multi-party disputes
  • When should you look to create a coalition with other parties?
  • Dealing with the uncooperative co-defendant
  • Understanding the insurer’s perspective

Meet the Speakers