Think Fast

Change from regulators, courts and new technologies is forcing organizations to think and act quickly to stay competitive.

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As companies push their technology mandates forward, regulatory and legal regimes work to stay on top of their changing landscapes.

While concerns relating to unregulated fintech firms have been well documented, the competitive impact of Big Tech firms, which typically have large, established customer networks and enjoy name recognition and trust, may pose a greater threat to the financial sector.
— What’s next for banks and Big Tech?


Co-investments, trap doors and regulatory change are just some of the developments we’re seeing on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border.

Securities regulators on both sides of the border are considering ways they can reduce the number and complexity of rules governing public companies.
— Testing the waters, cryptocurrencies and more: U.S.-Canada public markets update


From industry-changing rulings to procedural changes, the courts have been busy so far in 2019.

There’s no doubt Alberta’s junior and mid-size oil and gas producers are the biggest losers out of the decision.
— Still waters run deep—the ramifications of Redwater

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