Fintech in Canada: emerging trends and new opportunities
The intersection of finance and technology continues to drive growth across key industries in Canada. In this series, we cover the trends influencing the Canadian fintech space—and how FIs, startups and others can meet the rising demand for innovation.

Featured video: Fintech contracting considerations

Navigating the creation and execution of fintech contracts requires exhaustive attention to detail. To limit friction, startups and financial institutions should understand the expectations from both sides of the deal table, and the regulatory oversight they will fall under across their products' lifecycle.

Joel Ramsey and Brigitte Goulard discuss key contract restrictions and regulatory changes impacting the fintech industry, including:

  • Updates to the B10 guideline
  • Negotiations between startups and financial institutions
  • Why contractual issues aren't just about outsourcing

Click here for a transcript of this video.

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