Startup legal playbook
Operating your startup
Laying a solid foundation for you startup will be key to your long-term success. We provide the essential legal insights you need to run your business.
16 foundational questions about startup boards (with answers)
Learn what boards do, how to build one, how to run board meetings and what you can do to tap into your board’s expertise.
Common legal mistakes startups make and how to avoid them
Lay the best foundation for your startup to avoid costly and often time-consuming legal issues.
Should you trademark when you first start out?
Trademarking your critical assets is a key step. We explain why and how founders should invest in a strong trademark.
How to build an IP strategy
A significant portion of your startup’s value comes from your IP, so it is vital that you protect it. We discuss the different types of IP and how to formulate your IP strategy.
Negotiating commercial contracts
How can startups leverage commercial contracts to protect their bottom line and appeal to investors?
The founder’s guide to startup legal documents
We walk through the most common legal documents and the role well-executed agreements play in your risk management toolbox.
Protecting your customers’ data
We share key steps to take to protect your individual and business customers’ information.
Data governance strategies for founders
A strong data governance plan to safeguard your internal and customers data is a vital part of operating your startup.
Board meeting package checklist for startups
We share what founders should consider when preparing for their upcoming board meetings.
What you need to know about board meeting agendas
A clear board meeting agenda can help your startup stay on track. We share what to include and how to allocate minutes.

Sample documents

Get things squared away with your potential investor(s) and the existing shareholders by determining preferred voting thresholds and processes, what drag along provisions to include and other key arrangements.

Open the CVCA Sample voting agreement.