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Stay on top of important business and legal trends with timely, CPD-accredited webinars spanning sectors, regions and topics.

Strategies and opportunities for a new era of Canadian mining

Join our multidisciplinary team for this industry state-of-play series which examines the various forces driving change in the current environment.

The fundamentals of banking and insurance law

This series will provide a general overview of the regulatory regime applicable to banks and insurance companies, with a more detailed discussion of selected topics, and will equip participants with a comprehensive overview of the essentials of banking and insurance law.

Registration is open to anyone working in a financial institution or other financial intermediary.

The fintech landscape: navigating regulatory requirements

Join us as we explore issues affecting fintechs and discuss how they can successfully navigate new regulatory requirements and supervisory interventions.

What you need to know about stablecoins

In this series, we address what stablecoins are, the arguments for and against them, and why they are growing in popularity. We also delve into how Canada regulates these crypto assets, and what the future legal and business landscape may look like.

Patently Absurd

Join Torys' intellectual property lawyers for an informal discussion on all aspects of patent law. We’ll be analyzing the old, the new—and most definitely the absurd—in candid conversation, all while taking questions from the audience and welcoming special guests along the way.

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