Fintech in Canada: emerging trends and new opportunities
The intersection of finance and technology continues to drive growth across key industries in Canada. In this series, we cover the trends influencing the Canadian fintech space—and how FIs, startups and others can meet the rising demand for innovation.

Featured video: Retail Payment Activities Act

The Retail Payment Activities Act will task senior leaders at payment service providers (PSPs) with building a lot more compliance into their operations. What’s more, for many this will be the first time their business is subject to such significant oversight.

In this video, Andrew Bernstein and Brigitte Goulard explain why PSPs will soon receive some of the scrutiny that is usually reserved for banks—and what they can do to adapt. Also in this video:

  • How this legislation aims to protect end users
  • Who is exempt from the Act
  • Penalties the Bank of Canada can impose
  • Advice for PSPs as they navigate the Act

Click here for a transcript of this video.

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