The road to net zero: energy transition in Canada
The focus on net zero emissions is here to stay. Join us for our series on how companies—from oil and gas players and renewables project proponents to financial institutions and other organizations with net zero commitments—can effectively take on the challenge of energy transition.

Featured video: Small modular reactors and the future of nuclear energy in Canada

Canada is positioned to be a global leader in the development of nuclear energy as a cost-effective, non-carbon emitting energy source on the road to net zero emissions.

In this video, Krista Hill, Josh Van Deurzen and Michael Fortier explore the development of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) in Canada and the positive trend of collaboration between a variety of stakeholders as we work together towards our national goal of net zero by 2050.

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Net zero in the boardroom: setting and delivering on targets, and more
Our team of governance and climate change practitioners will give their insights on the current landscape and cover net zero essentials. They will also discuss current affairs and what may lie ahead for business as broad energy transition progresses.
Battery metals and the energy transition
This session will discuss the importance of battery metals in the energy transition. As a case study, it will focus on the development of the Ontario Ring of Fire, with particular emphasis on the opportunities for Indigenous participation in the development of projects in this area.
Avoiding greenwashing and other regulatory considerations
Join our securities, litigation, and regulatory teams for a robust conversation on what to watch for regarding securities disclosure, public relations pressure and stakeholder litigation risk, and how companies can avoid “greenwashing” claims.
Carbon trading: Legal risks and trends
The carbon markets are experiencing rapid growth and are expected to increase many times in size by 2030, as companies increasingly turn to emissions offset credits, RECs and other carbon products to help satisfy their net zero commitments. Join us for a discussion of legal risks and considerations in the carbon markets.
Canadian federalism and the energy transition
This session will explore the important role federalism is already playing in the energy transition, and can be expected to play in years to come.
Investing in the energy transition: sustainable finance solutions
Our leading financing and capital markets teams will discuss what lenders, underwriters, investors and businesses in the energy space need to know about the shifting sands of sustainability-linked financing, green bonds and more.

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