Mitch Frazer introduces the Chancellor’s Challenge at Ontario Tech University to raise money for students

August 16, 2021

In his role as Chancellor at Ontario Tech University this year, partner and chair of the firm’s Pensions and Employment practice Mitch Frazer launched the Chancellor’s Challenge to help ensure students have the support they need to realize their academic goals.

As reported by Ontario Tech, Mitch created this challenge to help students overcome financial barriers during the pandemic that interfere with their ability to pursue their education. By running or walking 7.2 kilometres every day for four weeks, rain or shine, he was able to raise $62,000 for student bursaries and scholarships through the Ontario Tech Student Success Fund.

“We have to make sure Ontario Tech students have the support they need so they can succeed,” Mitch said.

“I am thrilled about the widespread support for the first-annual Chancellor’s Challenge. Our university and our community are making a vital difference in the lives of young people, one step at a time.”

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Mitch told The Globe and Mail in an interview that it was important to him to go beyond traditional duties when taking on this leadership role at Ontario Tech. He had a vision to be the “students’ Chancellor” and to play an active role in their success, particularly now more than ever.

“The biggest thing students needed because of the pandemic was money,” he said, acknowledging that students were losing internships and part-time jobs due to province-wide lockdowns.

The second annual Chancellor’s Challenge event is slated for 2022 and will welcome everyone to join Mitch on a 7.2 km run or walk, which is the distance between the north and south locations of Ontario Tech.

Mitch was named the Chancellor of Ontario Tech University on May 1, 2021. He is the fourth Chancellor of the Oshawa-based institution where he presides over the Convocation and confers all degrees, honorary degrees and certificates and diplomas on behalf of the university.


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