Lisa Talbot on virtual orientation programs for new board members

August 17, 2021

As we begin to imagine a world post-pandemic, many organizations will need to evaluate how they will adapt their director orientation programs to leverage both virtual tools and in-person events.

The July/August edition of the Director Journal’s column Director’s Dilemma addresses the current director onboarding process as remote working persists in the pandemic, posing to governance experts the question: “How do we provide an effective orientation program for a new board member in a virtual environment?”

The article notes that virtual onboarding prevents colleagues from participating in more informal meetings and can impact the organic relationships and rapport developed in these settings.

Head of Torys’ Employment practice Lisa Talbot told Directors’ Dilemma that it can be harder for a new director to get to know fellow board colleagues and management while also getting integrated as part of the organization through online introductions.

“Helping to establish good interpersonal relationships among board members and other key staff should be a crucial part of the director orientation process. But the task becomes more difficult in a virtual environment,” Lisa said.

Access the full Director’s Dilemma column here.

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