Torys partners with the Parkdale Centre for Innovation and its new online incubator for underestimated founders

July 27, 2021

Torys is proud to announce its partnership with the Parkdale Centre for Innovation as it becomes the official legal partner for the Centre’s online incubator, CanadaInnovates. The incubator provides under estimated founders across Canada with access to entrepreneurial programming and technical support.

“Since 2018, Parkdale Centre for Innovation has been committed to providing access to innovation and entrepreneurship for underestimated entrepreneurs to start and grow their business, with a focus on equity and inclusion,” said Parkdale Centre for Innovation Executive Director Rusul Alrubail.

“Our mandate is clear; alleviate barriers and create more opportunities for our communities of entrepreneurs to thrive and build successful and sustainable businesses.

“We're thrilled to work with the team at Torys to be able to take our mission across Canada, through our online platform CanadaInnovates, to scale our impact in creating more inclusive and accessible economic opportunities for entrepreneurs and regional hubs. We're on a mission to support every entrepreneur to reach their fullest potential.”

Torys is supporting the team at Parkdale Centre in shaping the future of CanadaInnovates as a technology driven organization and helping to scale their mandate with legal support.

Torys’ Emerging Companies and Venture Capital Practice Head Konata Lake said Torys is excited about being involved in this initiative.

“While opportunity, access and funding are critical to a healthy industry, it remains elusive for many underrepresented founders,” Konata said.

“It’s important we continue to foster environments and build a more diverse ecosystem where equality, diversity and inclusion in the tech space is front-of-mind, and the Centre and its new online incubator is just that. This initiative is a step on the pathway towards giving all founders a chance to participate in the startup ecosystem which will help to strengthen and grow the Canadian economy, thereby benefiting all Canadians.”

Please visit the Parkdale Centre for Innovation’s website to learn more about its mandate, mission and programs.

For more information on the work we do to support startups, and the VCs, lenders and strategic investors who finance them, reach out to our team.


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