How long will the remote work narrative last?

April 09, 2021

Employment lawyer Darryl Hiscocks has questioned how much longevity the concept of remote work has as employers begin to consider how they approach balancing in-office versus remote work after the pandemic.

Darryl’s comments come in an article by BNN Bloomberg, which cites an online survey conducted by Robert Half that revealed one in three working Canadians “would quit their job and look for a new one if their employer asked them to return to the office on a full-time basis”.

But Darryl challenged how long the remote work narrative will last.

“Will there be enough remote work to go around after the dust settles and employers decide that they wish to recall employees to the office?” Darryl said.

“The answer will probably be ‘no’ in many cases.

“Many employers should be—and are—considering these matters and balancing the pros and cons of whether to require staff to return to the office full-time—including giving due consideration to the ‘flight risk’ of losing valuable staff.”

Darry's comments to BNN were also picked up in a story by Canadian Underwriter.

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