Josh Morry receives Outstanding Young Alumni award from University of Manitoba

March 08, 2021

Tax associate Josh Morry has been recognized by his alma mater, University of Manitoba, after receiving an Outstanding Young Alumni award.

In recognition of this award—which is a part of the Distinguished Alumni Award program—UM interviewed Josh about being a change agent through his university studies.

The interview speaks about his ground-breaking ban targeting anti-Semitic propaganda at UM. An excerpt from the article is below.   

[W]e’ll need to stop seeing our political beliefs as the dogmas that define us. People on both sides of the political spectrum see disagreements over policy as personal attacks.

Unlike personal identity, political ideology is not an immutable characteristic that we must protect from others. Rather, it is a way of seeing the world that must continuously be challenged and reformed as the underlying facts grounding that ideology change.

We cannot allow our cognitive dissonance to prevent us from listening to opposing views, or we will not have a reliable mechanism to determine public opinion and craft policy to reflect or change that opinion.

You can read the full interview on the University of Manitoba’s website.


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