Torys Quarterly article on operating in a post-pandemic world republished by Corporate Knights

August 19, 2020

A Torys piece focusing on how business leaders can address strategic change in a post-pandemic world has been republished by Corporate Knights.

The piece—titled “How to craft your business strategy for a post-pandemic world”—was originally published in the Q3 Torys Quarterly.

Authored by co-head of Torys’ Mining and Metals practice Michael Amm and Torys chair Robert Prichard, it explores the most poignant issues and challenges that will influence the long-term health and success of organizations as they try to maneuver through these unprecedented times. Topics discussed include:

  • greater government involvement is here to stay;
  • capital raising will remain a critical concern;
  • acknowledging the limits of globalization;
  • the need for higher government revenues will drive ongoing tax changes;
  • focus on the individual and social concerns;
  • confronting new risks; and
  • lessons for the future.

You can read the original article “The post-pandemic world: key considerations for business leaders” in the Q3 edition of the Torys Quarterly.


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