Four-day work week “great idea” for some—but not all—businesses

June 30, 2020

A newly released report has revealed most Canadians are in favour of a four-day working week, however Pensions and Employment Chair Mitch Frazer said that formula may not suit every company.

A Financial Post article details the increase in public support for a four-day working week, and says the idea is “gaining traction … as the coronavirus pandemic forces employers and workers to adapt”.

Mitch said that while the idea of a four-day working week is a “great idea” for some business, it might not be the right fit for all companies.

“It would be great way to attract talent (and) many employees could arguably be more productive in a compressed week,” Mitch said.

“On the flip side, some companies need their employees to be responsive at least five days a week.”

You can read more of Mitch and the team’s insights on the Pensions and Employment practice page.


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