Torys’ COVID-19 Response

March 17, 2020

This is to let you know that, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, at Torys we are implementing our business continuity plan to ensure our people will remain safe while our clients continue to be well served.

All of our offices are working remotely. We remain fully accessible and committed to serving our clients as usual. Our systems and technologies remain secure and are running smoothly. Our premises are being monitored and managed in alignment with guidance from medical consultants and the latest protocols from public authorities. We are in regular communication with all our people and our clients as the circumstances continue to evolve.

We know the pandemic is presenting challenging and unique circumstances for our clients. We are keeping close watch on developments as they unfold, and have established a resource centre on our website, COVID-19 guidance for organizations, where you can find our latest updates for businesses navigating COVID-19-related issues.

Amid the global response to COVID-19, our thoughts are with those who have been most impacted, as well as those striving to contain and treat it.

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