Charles Keizer discusses the importance of decision making over rash policy shifts

March 12, 2020

Energy regulatory partner Charles Keizer has appeared as a part of a panel on “The Agenda” on TVO to discuss the provincial government’s promised 12% reduction in electricity prices for ratepayers, saying government taking time to take the right approach is a better option than enduring a significant policy shift.

Charles appeared on the “The Agenda” with host Steve Paikin and other panelists, leader of the Green Party of Ontario and MPP for Guelph Mike Schreiner, and legal consultant Jean Cumming.

When asked how well the provincial government has done well in making the 12% pledge come true, Charles said he would rather see calculated decision making from the government as opposed to any rash policy changes.

He said that despite the fact the government was still yet to release anything with respect to it’s the reduction [at the time of recording], he did provide context to the complex system.

“But the thing I would actually point out though, is this is a very dynamic and complex system with a number of levers, that if you pull it will cause a knock-on effect throughout the system,” Charles said.

“And we’ve seen over the last 20 years, with respect to electricity in particular, a number of policy shifts and changes which have had far reaching effects.

“So I guess in one way of looking at it in a more positive light is, even though major policy announcements haven’t happened, it’s better for a government to take the time to figure out what to do if it is actually is going to bring about those reductions, then it is to go through another policy shift that once again will have further knock on effects.”

Charles said the number of policy shifts in recent times has left the province dealing with the residual effect of those changes.

“So, the question is now, given we have that residual effect, what is the best way to do it?” he said.

“To the extent that they haven’t done anything, I understand that’s a dilemma for people who have to pay their bills and other things…

“… it’s also good to ensure that when you do have policy, you’ve thought about that policy in a meaningful way, particularly given the past history we’ve had with energy.”

You can hear more of Charles’ comments in the clip above.


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