Mitch Frazer weighs in on the possible legal risks in drug plan management

January 25, 2020

Chair of the firm’s Pensions and Employment Practice Mitch Frazer’s comments from his speaking position at the Face to Face Drug Plan Management Forum have run in a news story by Benefits Canada.

Mitch told the forum—which was also hosted by Benefits Canada—about how drugs are becoming more expensive with an aging demographic and discussed the issue of coverage for plan members when they hit 65.

“This is an interesting area of law that I think is, in terms of the legal field, bringing up some interesting questions,” Mitch said in reference to the continued coverage for members when they reach that age.

One of the issues Mitch discussed was that, as plan sponsors remove certain benefits coverage for employees who are over 65, they should include clear language in policies and contracts, and human resources should be mindful of the possible work-related matters that this discontinuation may cause.

“If you’re setting up contracts, which won’t be financially harmful to extend, then you’re setting yourself up to have your plans cover people beyond age 65. Cost is one thing versus the amount of harm it’s going to do to an individual,” he said.

You can read the rest of Mitch’s comments on the issue on the Benefits Canada website.

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