Financial Post features Michael Feldman’s paper on longer-term mortgage renewals

January 25, 2020

Partner Michael Feldman’s published paper with the C.D. Howe Institute titled “One more case for longer-term mortgages: Financial stability” has been featured in the Financial Post. The paper discusses building a market where lenders can offer longer term mortgages and discourage the five-year mortgage market.

Michael writes that, “For longer-term mortgages to comprise a significant portion of the entire Canadian mortgage market it will likely be necessary for the federal government to modify certain rules that are currently geared towards a five-year mortgage market”

He further discusses that this would enhance consumer and financial stability, but changes in regulation are necessary to develop them as part of the Canadian residential mortgage market.

Michael’s paper was also picked up by the Globe and Mail.

You can read Michael’s complete paper with C.D. Howe Institute on its website.


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