Financial consumer protection readiness: Fall lineup

August 15, 2019

Canada’s financial consumer protection framework is being fundamentally transformed, as new federal and Québec regulatory regimes bring enhanced scrutiny, more enforcement and greater litigation risks for the financial sector.

Financial consumer protection readiness

Join our consumer protection experts this fall as we continue to explore the new federal and Québec landscapes and discuss how banks and others in the financial sector can ensure they’re ready.

September 19 | The challenge of consumer disclosure
Disclosure is the foundation of consumer protection, and balancing appropriate regulatory disclosure without compromising customer experience is at the core of the disclosure debate. This session examines the innovative ways other sectors and jurisdictions have tackled the disclosure challenge and what financial institutions can learn from these approaches.

October 24 | Responsible business conduct: Interpreting the Bank Act’s new obligations
This session examines the Bank Act’s responsible business conduct obligations and how the consumer protection approaches of provincial and international jurisdictions can help interpret the new federal framework.

November 21 | The new whistleblowing provisions and what they mean for your business
In this session we will unpack the Bank Act’s new whistleblowing regime with respect to the banks’ dealings with its employees, third parties, the FCAC and the media and explore the implications.

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