Elevate your leadership: Fall lineup

August 07, 2019

Join us this fall as we focus on four character-based traits essential to leadership. Through the lived experience and expertise of our guest speakers, we explore how leaders can elevate the integrity, collaboration, inclusivity and resilience in their organizations.

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September 5 | Making the right decision: the principled leader
In this candid talk, Tom Hardin, formally charged with felony securities fraud, translates his experience into how to approach ever decision, relationship and opportunity ethically, with integrity and moral fortitude.

October 22 | Mastering openness: the synergistic leader*
Tiziana Casciaro, Professor of Organizational Behavior at the University of Toronto, unpacks recent scientific research that highlights skills and strategies to integrate diverse expertise and move work across silos.

November 13 | Harnessing the power of grit: the resilient leader
In this session, award-winning author and psychologist Dr. Robert Brooks will share strategies to nurture confidence and resilience in our professional and personal lives.

November 19 | Fostering belonging and engagement: the inclusive leader*
PhD candidate and international human rights lawyer Toni De Mello will explore insights on how we can shape an inclusive culture that goes beyond rhetoric.

To register for these events please email, universitorys@torys.com. Space is limited!

All sessions contain Law Society of Ontario professionalism credits. Those sessions with asterisks contain equality, diversity and inclusion credits.

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