Dany Assaf explores data-driven future for antitrust law

June 26, 2019

Partner Dany Assaf co-wrote an article for The Globe and Mail on the data market and data protection through an antitrust lens.

The Globe and Mail published the piece, which explores how the domination of big tech, “the breakup of Facebook and the restraining of today’s Rockerfellers” will define the next century of antitrust law.

A small excerpt of the piece is below.

With great pools of Big Data concentrated in the hands of a few, questions arise whether monopsony power caused any market distortions.

Antitrust regulators have the tools they need to approach the world’s Big Data woes. How they will approach this problem – it’s perhaps the defining global issue of 21st-century antitrust law – depends very much on how consumers value data and privacy and how the regulators view their consumer welfare mission. Regardless, one thing is clear: Everyone’s free ride is coming to an end.

Dany, along with the rest of our team, provides insight on developments in competition and foreign investment on the relevant practice page.


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