Tyson Dyck weighs in on the future of carbon pricing in Ontario

May 31, 2019

Despite the current uncertainty surrounding carbon pricing in Canada, partner Tyson Dyck has told Law Times his advice to clients is how there’s going to be “some form of carbon pricing” in the future. 

Tyson’s comments come in an article by Law Times which addresses the current legal battle surrounding both short-term and long-term carbon pricing issues and how some provinces have called the carbon price legislation unconstitutional.

Tyson said his clients have questions regarding both the immediate and long-term outlook of carbon pricing.

"In advising clients on the long term, we often talk to them about how there’s going to be some form of carbon pricing," Tyson said.

"It's probably going to take the form of the Output-Based Pricing System, which is looking at your emissions relative to an industry benchmark and seeing whether there are opportunities to improve."

Despite the ambiguity, Tyson is preparing his clients for an expected form of climate regulation in the long-term.

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