Tyson Dyck weighs in on Saskatchewan court upholding Canadian carbon tax

May 08, 2019

Partner Tyson Dyck spoke with Argus Media regarding Saskatchewan’s 3-2 decision determining the federal carbon tax constitutional, saying “this kind of split decision coming out in the Court of Appeal does allow for some political fodder.”

The May 3 ruling, which upholds a pillar of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s climate strategy, imposes a price on carbon to tackle greenhouse gas emissions throughout the provinces.

The three justices determined Parliament has authority to establish “minimum national standards of pricing stringency for GHG emissions.”

Further to Tyson’s point on “political fodder,” Saskatchewan’s decision may fuel the debate, making it more difficult for the SCC to weigh in on the subject before a federal election.

You can read more about this decision in “Court of Appeal confirms validity of federal carbon price”.

The full article can be read, with a subscription, through Argus Media.


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