Energy storage: the answer for Canada's electricity grid?

April 08, 2019

Partner Milosz Zemanek, along with associates Henry Ren and Tim Pavlov, co-authored a piece on “Electricity Storage in North America” for the Energy Regulation Quarterly.

The article provides a snapshot of the current energy storage landscape in Canada and the United States. From topics such as technology advancement to legislation, they discuss why energy storage is referred to as the “Holy Grail” of energy technology, as well as consequences of its success.

An excerpt of the article is below:

Energy storage has the potential to play an important role in optimizing and modernizing the electricity grid. The costs of energy storage system prices (particularly batteries) have decreased significantly in the past two decades. The downward trend in costs is projected to continue (albeit at a slower rate) into the foreseeable future. The prospect of lower capital investment requirements, coupled with the potential mitigation of regulatory and market barriers, as well as the myriad of reliability and customer benefits that energy storage can provide, has many betting on energy storage as the key missing component to a renewable-dominated, modernized and efficient power system: Grid 2.0.

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