The resurgence of Big Law and how Torys adapted in tough times

March 05, 2019

Managing partner Les Viner gave his take on why “Big Law is back” in an article by The Globe and Mail, which discusses the revival of corporate law.

The article talks about how Big Law has had to adapt to continue growing throughout a tough few years in the industry, thanks to things like the financial crisis and the growth of technology which eventually led to firm taking a hit to fees.

While Les told The Globe and Mail it was a challenging time, the article also mentions how the firm adapted by opening the Legal Services Centre in Halifax as a part of its strategy to surviving and thriving in the era of relative uncertainty.

“There was a mistaken belief that everything we do is unique and bespoke,” Les said.

“It took a long time to persuade lawyers [otherwise].”

But despite the rebound of Big Law, Les told the publication no firm can afford to relax.

“No one can afford to be complacent,” he said.

“[There are] Too many law firms in the world. I feel very strongly about that.

“The smart ones need to constantly continue to evolve.”

You can learn more about our Legal Service Centre in Halifax by heading to the office page.

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