Voting rights the victor in SCC decision

January 11, 2019

Head of Torys Appellate Group Andrew Bernstein has told the Canadian Press the Supreme Court of Canada has shown a shift in deference after handing down its decision in a landmark case on January 11.

The decision in Frank v Canada means Canadians who have lived outside of the country for more than five years will be able to vote in federal elections. The court found the law which had previously barred them from doing so was unconstitutional.

Andrew spoke with wire news network the Canadian Press, whose story has been syndicated across mastheads including the National Post and CTV, among others.

He said this decision signaled a shift from the Supreme Court, which has historically been deferential to Parliament when it comes to election laws.

“In deciding who gets to participate in elections, the court came out strongly in favour of voting rights and set a pretty high bar for depriving any citizen of the right to vote,” he said.

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