Cornell Wright Talks Moving The "Goalpost" With University of Toronto Law Faculty

December 21, 2018

Partner Cornell Wright sat down with his alma mater to discuss his “dynamic” work strategy, sources of inspiration and volunteerism.

Cornell explains that his day-to-day consists of “a lot of moving parts, and a lot of different kinds of things going on.”

When asked about the most challenging time in his career, he answered “right in this moment. If you’d asked 10 years ago, I probably would have said that moment. It’s been challenging in different ways, in every stage.”

Cornell attributed much of his success to collaboration, saying “I look for people who are smart, creative and complementary and work well together and I’m fortunate that I have had a good group of people I work with a lot who get along well.”

Another driving force in his personal and business successes have been his mentors, most notably his grandmother.

“She is totally with it—strategic, insightful, engaging…she has pushed me and continues to push me.”

Cornell has certainly not hesitated to show his appreciation for all of the support he has had throughout his career, from his family to his education. He has become heavily involved in all of his communities, as the chair of the National Ballet, and trustee at the hospital network UHN—and at the Faculty of Law.

Most recently, Cornell has made a generous bursary of $25,000 to the Faculty, with the goal of encouraging Black law students to pursue legal careers.

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