As Oil Prices Drop, Janan Paskaran Says Canadian Energy Companies Cannot Win

December 04, 2018

Partner Janan Paskaran has explained why, for Canadian energy companies, “it’s almost like you can’t win” in an article published in the Globe and Mail on the depressed national oil prices.

Janan spoke with wire news network Reuters for the article, which discusses how Canadian oil producers have seen price discounts and declining capital investment because of clogged pipelines and wavering global prices, forcing many to choose between scaling up or throwing in the towel.

“It’s hard to invest within Canada, and it’s tough to get investor support when you expand outside,” Janan said.

As a result, many energy companies are being forced to use their shares as currency to fund acquisitions.

“People are saying, ‘let’s not spend any on capital’,” he said, noting the difficulty Canadian energy companies are having in winning over investors.

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