Eileen McMahon and Cheryl Reicin Explain the "New Era" of Cannabis

October 17, 2018

Partners Eileen McMahon and Cheryl Reicin spoke with the Globe and Mail about how expansive Canada’s fledgling cannabis industry is.

The article discusses the opportunities—and legal considerations—created by what it’s calling “the biggest single policy change to affect profession in decades.”

Eileen told the Globe and Mail there were so many areas of the law that were touched by cannabis.

“Regulatory law. Corporate-commercial law, in terms of financing. Cross-border law, in terms of your export-import implications in the U.S. Real estate law: Where do you set up and why? Tax law: How can we set up our business such that this is a tax-effective structure? IP [intellectual property] law: How do we protect our brand, our patents? Privacy law. Lobbying law,” Eileen said.

Cheryl also spoke with the Globe and Mail saying there were so many companies starting up.

“Everyone and their brother wants to start a cannabis company,” Cheryl said.

You can’t imagine. We have a tsunami of inquiries here. So who’s going to be the winner? We’re trying to provide our companies with not only bread and butter documents but with strategic advice.”

As exciting as the opportunities surrounding the new cannabis industry are, Cheryl emphasized that in the end, as lawyers, the “job is to reduce risk.”

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