Eileen McMahon Speaks with Now Magazine About Cannabis Sponsorships

August 09, 2018

Partner Eileen McMahon was featured in an article by Now Magazine, which discusses the phenomenon of corporate cannabis brands sponsoring music events, despite warnings from Health Canada.

Eileen told Now Magazine that “Health Canada is very clear about sponsorships. The Cannabis Act prohibits the use of a trademark of cannabis in the context of promotion.”

“Under Canadian laws, a logo, slogan or even a single word are regarded as a ‘trademark’,” she said.

Eileen’s comments address cannabis and its “plethora of sponsorships” currently involved with music festivals and concerts. As Now Magazine states, “[m]usic and weed have always been culturally entwined, but this new relationship is decidedly more corporate.”

Currently these sponsorships are illegal under the Narcotic Control Regulations and Food Drugs Act, and Health Canada will review actions of licensed producers to achieve compliance.

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