Emily Atkinson Talks CPD with The Lawyer's Daily

June 04, 2018

Head of lawyer development and alumni relations Emily Atkinson told The Lawyer’s Daily although many lawyers provide mentorship at the firm, many are not “reaping the credit benefits” and earning continuing professional development credits (CPD) for their efforts.

The article discusses different ways lawyers are able to earn CPD credits in provinces which require it.

The purpose of CPD programs are to ensure lawyers are aware of the changing environment of the legal industry.

Emily said the fact Torys is unable to accredit the lawyers for the mentor work they do means many are not earning the credits they could be.

“For mentoring, even though we are an accredited provider [of CPD programming] it’s not something we can accredit for professionalism hours. That’s something people have to take an additional step and apply to the law society and get recognition for. We have a very healthy and active mentoring program here, so I know people are doing that on a very, very regular basis, but it is very rare for our lawyers to be applying to the law society to get credit for mentoring,” Emily told The Lawyer’s Daily.

You can read the full article on The Lawyer’s Daily.

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