Cross Border Cannabis Listing Activity Likely to Increase as Legalization Looms

April 23, 2018

Partner Cheryl Reicin has told the media with U.S. and Canadian cannabis companies looking to list across the border there will likely be an increase in cannabis entrepreneurs and investors.

Speaking to The Canadian Press—whose article was syndicated across numerous national mastheads including the Globe and Mail—Cheryl said she was already getting inquiries from the U.S. about the best way to invest.

The article touches on how U.S.-based producer are looking to Canada “for a legal avenue to raise public capital” due to the cannabis still being illegal at a federal level. 

On the other end, “several medical marijuana companies that operate solely in Canada, and are able to list in the United States because the drug is legal for medicinal use in their home jurisdictions, have listed or announced intentions to go public in the U.S. in order to tap a bigger pool of investors.”

"We are getting many inquiries from United States investors, including big institutions, about how to invest in cannabis in a way that they're comfortable with," Cheryl said.

"And I think they're obviously more comfortable in a Canadian cannabis company where the activity is legal … than in a U.S. cannabis company, where at least for the foreseeable future, the activity will remain illegal at the federal level."

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