Globe and Mail seeks Andrew Bernstein's Insight on Supreme Court Hearing

March 21, 2018

Partner Andrew Bernstein has weighed in on the discussion regarding the Supreme Court of Canada that looks at expatriate Canadians’ right to vote in federal elections.

In Gillian Frank, et al. v. Attorney General of Canada, university professor Gillian Frank challenges the ban that prevents Canadian citizens who have lived aboard for five years or more from voting.

The article discusses the disparity in the law that allows federal prisoners to vote, but not Canadian citizens.

However, Andrew told the Globe that federal prisoners had a stronger case than expatriates.

“Prof. Frank could move back any time he wants,” Andrew said.

“He’s going to be marginally affected if at all by Canadian law. Think of the effects that Parliament can have on a Canadian prisoner.”

The Supreme Court hears the case on March 22.

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