Too Big To Think Small - Torys and the CanInfra Challenge

February 28, 2018

The CanInfra Challenge has just announced the 20 teams that will advance to the next round of the Ideas Contest. The Top 20 submissions think outside the box and are sure to expand our definition of infrastructure as we look ahead to the future of data infrastructure, intercity transport, trade corridors and more.

The CanInfra Challenge is a Canada-wide contest which invites groups to submit their next-generation infrastructure concepts in hopes that their idea will receive financial backing and the support of the country. The Challenge will conclude at a Summit in May, where the winner will be chosen and where thought-provoking and solution-seeking conversation surrounding Canadian infrastructure issues will take place.

Torys has been working with CanInfra both as a sponsor and through the hands-on support of our infrastructure lawyers with a team led by partner Mark Bain. The team helped select the Top 20 and will be coaching the Challenge participants as they move forward.

We are very excited to be involved with this innovative initiative, which relays to its passionate participants that Canada is simply too big to be thinking small.

Stay tuned for updates. Until then, learn more about our leadership in infrastructure and public-private partnerships.

To read the Top 20 announcement, click here.


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