Tyson Dyck Discusses New Spill Regulations With The Lawyer's Daily

December 27, 2017

Partner Tyson Dyck has spoken with The Lawyer’s Daily about new British Columbia regulations that “tighten the threshold for reporting spills.”

The province has introduced three regulations—Spill Reporting Regulation, Spill Contingency Planning Regulation, and Spill Preparedness, Response and Recovery Regulation—which Tyson indicated was a positive move.   

Tyson told The Lawyer’s Daily companies have an obligation to inform the government when a hazardous substance is released into the environment, particularly one “that causes, or may cause an adverse effect.”

“Whether it’s one of the transportation sectors, whether that be an industrial operation, [or] a commercial operation like a dry cleaner or a gas station, these obligations fall on all industry sectors on all kinds of commercial activity,” Tyson told the publication.

“The goal is really to encourage over-reporting of spills, not only cover the worst case scenarios, or even very bad case scenarios. The government wants to be apprised where there’s a potential effect on the environment, so they can take appropriate steps to respond to that,” he said.

You can read more about Torys’ environmental work by heading to the practice page.  


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