Listed Talks M&A with John Emanoilidis

December 15, 2017

M&A deals in 2017 reached a three-year high, with a wide variety of activity happening in Canada. Listed Magazine’s recent article discusses how oil and gas, IPOs, technology companies and foreign business all spearheaded dealmaking activity this past year, with a particular impact made by pension funds.

Listed asked M&A practice co-head John Emanoilidis to comment on the range of activity seen in 2017, and in his view, “deals are really happening over a more diversified range of sectors.” M&A in Canada this year also saw a surge of activity coming from pension funds that “tested the foreign waters,” but John says foreign business in 2017 also had a notable outbound element, with “significant transactions involving Canadian companies acquiring foreign targets.”

As we look ahead to the dealmaking outlook for 2018, John told Listed that “we are certainly optimistic about the rest of the year and 2018, based on deals in the pipeline yet to be announced.”

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