Eileen McMahon's Comments on Increase in Licensed Cannabis Producers Receives Broad Coverage

December 22, 2017

Eileen McMahon has told the media that companies who apply for a Health Canada marijuana license face a tougher process compared with other industries like medical devices and prescription drugs.  

Eileen’s comments were included in news stories in more than five mastheads across the country, including The Huffington Post and the Toronto Star.

The story discusses the increase in the number of licensed producers in the second half of 2017 which has nearly doubled to sit at a total of 80.  

However Eileen said “while the recent increase in approvals means there will be more players ready to serve the market, the stringent regulatory and ongoing compliance requirements that producers will have to meet once licensed will likely whittle down the field again.”

"This is not for the faint of heart," Eileen said.

"The question is who can hang in there. Who is going to survive?"

Eileen’s comments appeared in the following publications:

The Huffington Post

The Toronto Star

Penticton Herald

The Hamilton Spectator

The Daily Courier

Guelph Mercury Tribune


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