Tyson Dyck Talks Climate Change Initiatives with Canadian Lawyer

November 07, 2017

Torys partner Tyson Dyck has spoken with Canadian Lawyer on climate change initiatives as a part of the publication's latest cover story.

The article looks at “four areas of regulatory compliance that remain a top concern for in-house counsel and the business units they serve.” The four areas discussed are the Canadian Anti-Span Legislation, labour and employment, privacy, and environment.

Tyson told Canadian Lawyer interest in addressing climate change was gearing back up and causing more momentum at the regulatory level in the process thanks in part to increasingly extreme weather patterns.

“I think there is a growing understanding that what we’re seeing in short-term weather patterns is unusual. People haven’t experienced these types of weather events so severely or so close together in the past, and I think that is at least driving a conversation. There’s been more of an appetite for government regulation only to see it fall away.” Tyson told Canadian Lawyer.

Tyson also speaks about Ontario’s plan to join the Québec-California carbon market next year and its proposed changes to its cap-and-trade regulations.

“It’s been a steep learning curve, but there has been a lot of successes in the Ontario program so far. They had a short timeline to get that program up and running so the way it’s rolled out has been quite smooth,” Tyson said.

“I think a lot of clients are looking to the horizon and seeing some changes to the program and asking what it will mean for their business.”

To read more about the firm’s Environmental Practice, head to this page.

The Canadian Lawyer article also featured Torys senior associate Molly Reynolds. You can read Molly’s contribution to the article here.  


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