Marko Trivun talks to Financial Post on how tech is creating workplace longevity

November 08, 2017

Associate Marko Trivun has spoken with the Financial Post about how software is improving his quality of work.

The article discusses how millennials in the legal industry are using technology to eliminate monotonous tasks that are usually found in their job description at this stage of their careers.

Marko told the Financial Post he has been using machine-learning contract-analysis platform Kira Systems for a couple of years.

“Kira takes the drudgery and monotony out of document review and allows lawyers to focus more on the legal skills they learned in law school in order to find the stuff that really matters,” Marko said.

Torys director of practice solutions Elizabeth Ellis was also quoted in the article, contributing to the dialogue that these types of software platforms and ways of working are exactly what millennials entering the workforce are looking for.

“Firms are signalling to associates and recruits that it is looking to the future by investing in tools that will attract clients and help them stay ahead of the game,” Elizabeth told the Financial Post.

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