Myriam Seers on the Rise of Third-Party Litigation Funding

October 05, 2017

Senior associate Myriam Seers’ opinion was sought for the October 2017 edition of Lexpert magazine, where she discussed the rise of third-party litigation funding in corporate law firms.

The article dissects the concept of litigation financing and how new strategies could pave a new road for the technique to become more commonly used in proceedings.

Speaking about corporate law firms, Myriam told Lexpert “it’s about time” these firms utilized litigation financing and spoke of the positive input these funders can have.

“They’re there to provide input, which is quite helpful as counsel. And they can provide a level of financial sophistication you don’t always have access to,” she said.

Myriam told Lexpert she has never used a third-party funder in an all-Canadian case, but she expects it will becomes increasingly common. The articles says in the new Canada-EU free trade pact, there are provisions involving third-party funding and what needs to be disclosed and what doesn’t.

“So it’s getting quite sophisticated now. But call up 12 random litigators on Bay Street and ask if they have been on cases where clients have used third-party funders, and I bet they’ll all say no,” Myriam said.

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Myriam’s quotes appear on page 46-47 of the October edition of Lexpert magazine. 


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