Insolvency Insider's Q&A With Kyle Kashuba

October 16, 2017

Calgary-based partner and head of corporate restructuring and advisory Kyle Kashuba sat down with Insolvency Insider to chat about his career path, his views in the corporate restructuring world and his ability to ride a bull.

In the Q&A style article, Kyle discusses the current feeling out West at the moment, saying “there is and always will be some consternation and apprehension in the energy industry, but where there’s turmoil there’s opportunity.” 

A small excerpt of his answer to that question is below:

“Sometimes that results in a very busy insolvency environment, but in other cases this can create hesitation and a “wait and see” scenario. In some respects, we are seeing much of the latter in Alberta and out West, presently. With depressed oil and gas prices, a low Canadian dollar, and a potentially shifting regulatory scheme, there is a speculative market, and with uncertainty comes a reluctance to commit to a restructuring plan. But at the same time, there will be files, loans and new mandates that need attention and cannot sit by the wayside.”

Read more about Kyle’s practice area by visiting the Corporate Restructuring and Advisory Practice page.

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