Torys' Kyle Kashuba Speaks to Financial Post on Redwater Case

August 03, 2017

Calgary-based Torys partner and corporate restructuring and advisory expert Kyle Kashuba has told the Financial Post the Supreme Court of Canada is likely to hear the case between Redwater Energy Corp and the Orphan Wells Association and Alberta Energy Regulator.

While the Alberta Court of Appeal sided with Redwater and agreed it was able to walk away from some of its wells in the liquidation process, Kyle said there were a number of reasons why he believed the Supreme Court of Canada would hear an appeal.

In the article published on August 1, Kyle commented that “the question about who should bear environmental costs, combined with the importance of the lower court’s decision and the implications for the industry means the Supreme Court of Canada was likely to look at this case.”

“It does have ramifications for other provinces. That makes me think the Supreme Court will hear it,” Kyle said.

“It’s kind of become such a major issue.”

You can read the full article on Financial Post website.

Kyle's practice focuses on disputes and restructurings in the oil and gas sector, with an emphasis on financial insolvency and corporate restructuring, and commercial litigation.


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