Lexpert Discusses Torys-Rotman Business Program

August 08, 2017

Lexpert turned to the Torys-Rotman Business Leadership Program to demonstrate the custom programs firms are offering associates in order to help them hone the fundamental skills needed to excel within the workplace while adapting to the needs of clients. Programs such as these are gaining popularity among top law firms and are exceptionally valuable for those who participate.

Senior Associate Leah Dickie from the Torys Calgary office discussed the impact the program had on her approach to her practice and her clients. The curriculum of the program, curated by partner Cornell Wright alongside Rotman professionals, focuses on strategy, negotiation, leadership and communication skills. Below is an excerpt of the article.

Dickie found the intensive business sessions immensely rewarding “in terms of how legal skills, together with business knowledge, can assist our clients in achieving their business strategies.” In addition, the sessions further focused her thoughts “about Torys as a business and the ways we need to adapt and evolve to meet our clients’ needs.”

The MBA-style sessions require significant associate hours away from the office, along with a commitment of financial and internal resources on the part of Torys. Cornell Wright […] says this is time and money well spent. “Not only do associates gain a greater sense of the business aspects of the practice of law, they return to their practices newly energized.”

You can read the full article on the Lexpert website.

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