Darryl Hiscocks Weighs in on Labour Law Reform with Canadian Lawyer

June 12, 2017

Ontario’s labour laws are expected to soon be reformed by the current Liberal government under Premier Kathleen Wynne. However, employers and employees alike are uncertain of the extent of the changes and of what the implementation timeline for the modernized laws will be. Because Ontario labour laws were developed during an era when employment models were structured around long-term loyalty and employment, they do not all necessarily account for modern-day variations and new models of employment. Therefore, issues related to precarious workers (including contractors, freelancers, etc.), termination provisions and a range of other labor protections will be addressed among what is anticipated to be a series of changes coming from the Liberals.

In an article on the subject in Canadian Lawyer, Torys counsel and pensions and employment expert Darryl Hiscocks weighed in on the overhaul, saying, “some provinces in the past have certainly been subject to greater swings in terms of political and legislative mandates than has Ontario” while noting that “the direction the special advisors seem to be heading in may benefit employees more than employers.”

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