Darryl Hiscocks Discusses Cannabis Legalization in the Workplace with BNN

June 14, 2017

Darryl Hiscocks, counsel in our Toronto office specializing in human resources and labour law, was interviewed by BNN to discuss how the legalization of cannabis could impact the workplace, making it necessary for employers to revisit and revise policies while preparing for the “legal battleground” that will likely stem from legalization.

Hiscocks begins the discussion by noting the importance of separating medical and recreational marijuana use, partially because medical marijuana use has already been present and legal within workspaces and, as a result, is familiar territory. However, Hiscocks says usage of both recreational and medical cannabis is expected to drastically spike following legalization as the stigma surrounding the drug diminishes.

Hiscocks comments on the Toronto Transit Commission’s (TTC) recent imposition of surprise drug and alcohol testing for its employees as they prepare for legalization. Hiscocks says the “science is relatively immature” in regards to cannabis testing and, while the TTC and similar sectors which are “safety sensitive” such as aviation may be able to conduct such tests, it is not reasonable nor may it be “legally available” for the average employer.

To watch the video interview, click here.

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