The Financial Post Seeks Insight from Eileen McMahon on New Cannabis Regulation and Advertising

April 17, 2017

The federal government’s newly unveiled legislation concerning the legalization of marijuana has raised many questions for licensed producers around the extent to which they will be able to advertise and market their products. The bill’s wording leaves “significant room for interpretation as to whether it becomes a tightly-controlled market like tobacco or more loosely regulated [like] alcohol advertising.” Partner Eileen McMahon, intellectual property and drug regulatory expert, provided her insight for an article in the Financial Post. An excerpt from the article is cited below.

Advertising requirements in the bill are not as strict as expected, said Eileen McMahon, chair of intellectual property and food and drug regulatory practices at Torys law firm.

“The regulations are not yet published so there’s an opportunity to push back or comment on them too, so there still will be an opportunity to shape how that looks,” she said. […]

While “big marijuana” focused on whether they’ll be able to advertise their product, dispensary owners worried whether they’ll have a place in the system at all.

The new government legislation could leave some room for dispensaries, provided they obtain a federal licence to sell, said Eileen McMahon at Torys.

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