Torys Partners With Mergermarket on Canadian Oil and Gas

March 08, 2017

Torys is proud to announce our Canadian Oil & Gas 2017 Outlook report, produced in association with Mergermarket. Using data from a survey of over 100 senior corporate executives and investment bankers with recent Canadian oil and gas experience, the report offers a robust combination of our Calgary oil and gas team’s insight alongside commentary on the results of the survey.

The survey covers everything from regulatory, private equity and financing trends to where investors are making their next moves in Canada and internationally. Notably, respondents to the survey expect an increase in Canadian oil and gas M&A activity this year for various reasons, including cash-flush upstream companies, private equity interest in the sector, senior E&P companies targeting acquisitions, and a drive for industrial technology. Respondents are also expecting plenty of inbound dealmaking to be coming in from south of the border, as well as from China.

E&P companies looking to make opportune investments in 2017 will have to contend with many of the same issues as existed in 2016, including low commodity pricing, market access issues and reticence by sellers to part with crown-jewel assets, and consider new factors such as how a Trump administration’s policies may impact the investment climate in the Canadian oil patch.”

Derek Flaman, Canadian Oil and Gas 2017 Outlook

Along with commentary from our oil and gas team, our report also includes a special feature on carbon pricing in Canada, examining the many recent changes that have taken place across the country and what the effect on oil and gas is likely to be.

Learn more about our insight, experience and leading expertise in oil and gas here.

Read the complete Canadian Oil and Gas 2017 Outlook here.


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