Preparing for Cannabis Legalization: Darryl Hiscocks Discusses Workplace Health and Safety with The Lawyers Weekly

February 22, 2017

Counsel and employment expert Darryl Hiscocks was interviewed by The Lawyers Weekly to discuss the complex issues concerning recreational marijuana and the workplace as employers prepare for the inevitable policy changes that will come with legalized marijuana. While employers can implement policies to ensure that employees do not work while impaired, the ability to assess when an employee is compromised by the influences of marijuana will be an ongoing challenge. In addition, employers must also consider how they will accommodate issues like addiction or disabilities. The Lawyers Weekly sought out Darryl Hiscocks, an expert in human resources and labour law, for comment. Below is an excerpt of the article:

A general prohibition on alcohol and recreational drug use while on the job may be at the core of an organizational policy and this will negate the need to assess impairment…

There is, however, protection for those addicted to the drug, and this is one of the key issues any policy and every employer will have to address. “It is conceivable that a marijuana addiction could constitute a disability that requires accommodation,” noted Hiscocks. “Alcoholism has been found generally to constitute an addiction.”

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